China’s grandfather openly threatened India over this area of Ladakh

China’s grandfather openly threatened India over this area of Ladakh

The whole of humanity is struggling today because of the Corona transition from China, but China is plotting something else to cover up its crimes. Recently it has increased its activities on the border adjacent to India and is constantly increasing its strength there. His army has pitched a number of tents in the Galvan Valley and increased its patrols in Pegong Lake. But for that, they are blaming India for the tension on the border.

China’s state-run newspaper, the Global Times, says the Galvan Valley is an area of China and India is deliberately creating controversy there. India is illegally building a defense facility in China’s territory in the Galvan Valley. For this reason, the Chinese military has no choice but to respond. This is expected to escalate the border dispute between the two sides.

Order of the Bhan of 1962

The newspaper says that China’s relations with the United States are not going well at the moment but their international situation is better than in 1962. While India had to face a crushing defeat at the hands of China. The strength of the two was almost the same then but today China’s GDP is 5 times that of India. It is hoped that the Indian government, military, intellectuals and media will increase their understanding of China.

India’s well-conceived conspiracy

3500 km between India and China. There is a long line called the Line of Actual Control (LAC). How many times there are quarrels over how many places both parties make their own claims. Most of these disputes are resolved locally.

The Global Times has accused the Galvan Valley controversy of being a well-known conspiracy in India. India is well aware that the Galvan Valley belongs to China. But Indian troops have been infiltrating Chinese territory since early May. Indian soldiers are deliberately associated with Chinese soldiers.

Big controversy from Doklam

The newspaper warned that if India did not stop the provocative action as soon as possible, it could sour relations between the two countries. This controversy can be much bigger than Doklam. In the summer of 2017, there was a dispute between the armies of the two countries in Doklama for several days. Tensions in Doklama finally eased after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China.

Don’t be misunderstood Indians

According to the Global Times, some Indians feel that India has a chance to strengthen its position on the border as China’s economy slows down and the Corona is surrounded by some Western countries. Some Indians are jumping on America’s breath. But this is their misunderstanding. This will only hurt India. His interest for America is paramount.

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