Did North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un really die? This is the evidence.

Did North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un really die? This is the evidence

There have been rumors circulating about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Some reports say Kim Jong Un is dead, while others say he is brain dead. But now an important thing has come up with Kim Jong.

According to US and South Korean intelligence agencies, Kim underwent a second heart operation in the second week of April, which also failed. After this it was believed that Kim Jong was either brain dead or he was dead. However, amid all these rumors, 20 days later, Kim was spotted at a ceremony near the capital, Pyongyang. It has since been speculated that the man was not Kim Jong Un but a duplicate of him. This is not surprising if Kim has the same size as many other world leaders.

Kim Jong Un is staying at a resort in Vonson outside Pyongyang to escape the Corona virus, according to Labon, a South Korean newspaper. It is also claimed that some of Kim’s officers are infected with the corona, according to the report. Kim was also seen walking between April 15 and 20.

It is also said to be a duplicate of US leader Hillary Quinton. Who was present at his place on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Political actress Teresa Barrell is believed to be doing her body double job. The hashtag #HillaryBodyDobule has also trended on Twitter in the past.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has also been accused of being a pawn. Hussein underwent double plastic surgery on his body. That’s why Humshaklo had to make bullet marks on Hussein’s body. Saddam’s son Uday Hussein was also a duplicate.

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