India could become a manufacturing hub after the Koro crisis

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India could become a manufacturing hub after the Koro crisis. All the economists are saying this and the government is also working fast in this direction. In the last two months, the situation has become so dire due to the Corona virus that India has realized its strength. In fact for which India has always been totally dependent on other countries including China. Today, India has made its mark in the same field. Prior to the outbreak of Corona virus, India was dependent on foreign countries for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits as India did not have Class-3 level PPE kits before March.

But now the Corona virus has made India self-sufficient. Standard PPE kits were not made in India before February 2020. Meanwhile, as care for the corona virus grew in the world, India also ordered 52,000 kits from abroad as part of preparations for the fight. But as fast as Corona’s case came to light, these foreign PPE kits also began to dwindle.

It may be mentioned that PPE kits are widely manufactured in USA, China and European countries and India used to import PPE kits from these countries. But now only PPE kits of international standards are made in India. If you look at production figures, today India is the second largest producer of PPE kits in the world.

In India, 106 manufacturers are currently engaged in manufacturing PPE kits as per WHO standards. In addition, very low cost and good quality PPE kits are being manufactured in the country. All this has happened in the last two months. In the last week of March, India got the green light from the WHO to make PPE kits.

According to statistics, India is currently producing 1.7 lakh PPE kits per day and the target is to produce 2 lakh kits per day. In fact, the target of making PPE kits at a record level in India has been achieved under the leadership of Textile Minister Smriti Irani.

Textile Minister Smriti Irani, through his ministry, has taken immediate steps to introduce masks and PPE kits in the country, handing over the responsibility of making PPE kits to several garment and jute companies. A workshop was also organized for him.

To date, India is producing so many PPE kits that they can be exported. But despite the record production, the Ministry of Textiles has banned the export of PPE kits. At the same time, according to the health ministry, if the number of corona cases increases, the country may need 2 crore PPE kits by June.

In less than two months, India has become the second largest producer of PPE kits. The government has received orders for PPE kits from several airlines as well as demand for kits from abroad. The PPE kit business in India is worth about Rs 7,000 crore. In addition, according to experts, this business will expand in the country at a faster pace in the coming days.

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