The threat of a massive war looming over America ?, this country will strike at any time!

The threat of a massive war looming over America ?, this country will strike at any time!

North Korea will have completed its long-range missile launchpad facility by the end of this year. According to an American think tank, there is a place for it near Pyongyang airport. According to a report, a new facility has appeared in the satellite imagery and it is being speculated that North Korea will carry out its ballistic missile program here.

There will be missiles that can strike as far as America

According to the US Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the facility appears to have an underground structure in a commercial satellite image. It is said that such ballistic missiles will be manufactured here which can strike as far as America. According to CSIS, the facility has been under construction since 2016 and has a large rail terminal, interconnected buildings.

The report said that the tall buildings here are capable of holding Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missiles and other such missiles. Apart from this, these buildings are so wide that the roads are interconnected so that large trucks and missile launchers can be carried on them. This facility area is said to be approximately 442300 square meters.

Failed story with America, quarrel with South Korea

Let me tell you that last year’s failure to negotiate a nuclear deal between the United States and North Korea has made matters worse. US President Donald Trump was working to speed up his recovery following speculation of Kim Jong Un’s surgery. Tensions between North and South Korea, on the other hand, appear to be rising. The shootings took place on Saturday, a day after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un appeared in public.

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